Thursday, March 8, 2012

Santander, San Sebastian

Nine hour bus ride on my way to Barcelona! Buses are the only way to go; green landscape and scattered homes with a mountainous backdrop, Yum. It has been very interesting to travel through the varying regions of Spain. The food, language, and culture changes dramatically from one region to the next. So far I prefer Andalusia, although the Basque country and Catalonia are gorgeously green. I do not know how families survive here without jobs. They seem to dine out often, shop excessively, siesta constantly and work...well barely at all. Government services seem to play a huge roll but I'm not sure if that will change with the economic crisis.
Anyway...8 hours to go...nap time. xo

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  1. beauuuuutiful :)
    you and anna are my favorite beach bums