Thursday, March 15, 2012


Cadaques, me matas. Me enamoré. Spent the day meandering your shoreline and taking in your ocean breeze...thinking all the time about my Dad, here before me 30 something years ago. With only a few main streets, with each step I could be placing my feet exactly where his have touched the ground...very cool. Very special.

Visited Dali's house. Fascinating man. Saw his studio...even his paintbrushes! His wife, Gala, was clearly his muse and inspiration. He certainly found a beautiful little niche to spend his days. What a peaceful, timeless place.

Spent the night in Cadaqués and left on a bus at 7:00 the next morning just as the sun started to rise over the ocean, reminding me of my early morning beach walks back home.

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