Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Getting fancy in France

Bienvenidas Sophie, you're not in Spain anymore. Here I am thinking I can get away with just showing up in a city at 9pm without a room reservation or a clue as to where I am. Last night I dreamt in French, which led me to believe that upon arriving I would instantly recall the 4 years of it I took in high school. False. Je ne sais pas is one of few phrases I remember...most likely because I used it the most. As it turns out Aix en Provence is an incredibly beautiful and wealthy place. There are few english speakers, spanish speakers or skilled charades players. Turns out reservations are a good idea. After a lot of semi-anxious wandering I found two very nice French boys and was able to stutter out "J'ai besoin de ton aide," without mixing it up with "menaje a trois," which is the other overused phrase from high school french class. Gracias a Dios. They took me to the cheapest hotel within walking distance. Jokes on me...I was ready to buy a cheap blanket and sleep by that amazing fountain I walked by but instead I paid 70 euros to sleep alone in a romantic little hotel room. 70 euros!! That's the equivalent of my all-inclusive 2 day budget...guess I'll be dieting tomorrow....
So here I am in fancy France, in my enormous bed, eating an old yogurt that hasn't been refrigerated in 4 days and laughing to myself because after all it is pretty funny.

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  1. Hi Sophie! I love your blog posts and your gorgeous photos! Please keep posting. I can't wait to see you in May!

    love, me