Monday, February 6, 2012

New home!

I'm officially staying in Granada for a month! I have a room in a flat in one of my favorite neighborhoods. Sharing a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and roof terrace with Auxi (35) and Fernando (78). Nice to have a cozy bed and some privacy. Auxi is possibly one of the sweetest women I have ever met...reminds me of Lucy. Yesterday she walked me all around the neighborhood showing me the best bars and markets. Last night she brought a hair dryer into my room "para calentar la cama." I remember so clearly the first time Rodrigo started blow drying my side of the bed in Chile and being very confused as to why he was making such a fuss. Apparently blow drying your bed is completely normal in more countries than one. Auxi and her boyfriend only speak Spanish which has been wonderful for me. Enrique and I set up their wifi router last night which involved a lot of vocabulary I wasn't familiar with. It was also extremely frustrating because he was doing it completely wrong and it was taking forever. I wasn't about to tell a Spanish hombre to just let me do it...machismo still runs deep. Oh well, I would have probably somehow broken it anyway.
Granada is such an interesting city. I went for a run this morning up by the Alhambra through this endless, beautiful garden... that I soon realized was a maze. At the center is what can only be described as home to the Lost Boys from Peter Pan. A river with a stone bridge and some sort of castle ruins...
Every time I leave the apartment I'm gone for hours. Just when I think I've found my way around the city I find another side street with another fountain and new bars and architecture. Curiosity always gets the best of me and I find myself 100% lost every other minute. I do a lot of walking and a lot of eating.
Churros: fried dough dipped in chocolate. ahhhhhhhh.
Today I stopped at a bookstore and bought The House of the Spirits and hiked up into the hills of the Sacramonte and attempted to understand it in Spanish...thank goodness I've read it before.
Hiked into the Sierra Nevada on Saturday with a mutual friend of Anna and Katie's who is here in Granada. The landscape was spectacular. Love blue snowy mountains. The trail we took was filled with obstacles like bridges, caves, wild bulls, and cliffs. Wish I had my rock climbing equipment...and could remember how to tie those very important knots...GREGORY WHERE WERE YOU!?!?
Side note: I need to get a large dog when I get home for running, hiking, snuggling.

Very content...just hanging out here for the rest of the week. Lots of writing, painting, vino on the roof. Anna might come stay with me this coming weekend and if not I will go explore Ronda or Malaga...beach sounds pretty nice right about now.
Miss you all xoxo
View from the roof:

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