Friday, February 3, 2012

Last night I went out to the bars alone for the first time in my life. It was only 10pm (still early) so I walked along Elviro Street looking for a good bar. They were all busy so I picked the one with the most attractive men and the best looking tapas, obviously. I felt very out of place and rather foolish, to say the least, sitting at the bar by myself.
I started talking to a woman from Madrid and all of a sudden she had introduced me to most of the people in the room. I spent the next couple of hours discussing politics with a guy from Morocco and listening to a 55 year-old bisexual woman's philosophy on "el sexo." I may have missed a few vocabulary words but it was certainly an experience. Not necessarily the crowd I thought I would be sharing drinks with but these were the sweetest, most open people I have ever met. The guy from Morocco got emotional explaining to me how Granada is one of few places in the world where people from all over; all ages, classes, cultures and orientations, can live and work together without judgement. It was a very sincere and powerful statement. That statement is like porn for an international studies major.

Totally geeked out at the Alhambra for four hours are some mediocre pics that don't do it justice:

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