Saturday, February 25, 2012

First days in Portugal

La Despedida:
On Wednesday, the day I left Granada, we made an enormous paella. Shrimp, chicken, mussels, clams, calamari, chorizo. We at it up on the terrace with my friends Francisco and Nudia; too much beer, a lot of dancing, a lot of hugs.

Saying goodbye to Fernando was very sad, he told me I have the face of a Catholic virgin and that he was coming with us to Lisbon. He still really has no idea who I am. I'll miss that old grump.

Lisbon! Great food, wonderful music, oh so much warm sun. ooof Portuguese men you are so very pretty if only I knew what you were saying. New language barrier to overcome. Spanish and Portuguese are drastically different and I found myself once again unable to communicate even my basic thoughts or needs. Surprisingly we have found that it is more polite to speak in English than in Spanish. Queen of Portugal marries one of the King Philips of Spain...Portugal becomes bitter to say the least. River, arches, Golden Gate Bridge? Pastries and seafood.

Fado music: Impassioned music that has evolved over the years by an infusion of culture between the fishermen who lived in barrio Alfama and the prostitutes of the area. Silent bar, locked door, emotional roller coaster from melancholia and loss to profound joy. I wanted so badly to understand the lyrics that were bringing the entire bar to tears.

Day trip to Sintra, Portugal. I am an eight year old girl, barefoot in my backyard, forgetting myself in the beauty and mystery again. This is the Disney World children should see. A place that let's them create their own magic, cultivates curiosity, and most importantly encourages individual imagination. A place of jaw-dropping beauty and history. We are not in fake-tit town FL, but this is the Magic Kingdom.

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  1. Does indeed look and sound wonderful. Amazing.