Tuesday, January 31, 2012

nos vemos Córdoba

I'm having a difficult time with this concept of taking from my bank account without putting anything back in. I really prefer reciprocal relationships. Thus I've started teaching classes to the women in Córdoba. The class focuses on the difference between cute, heeled shoes that one can partake in a dance-off in...versus if-my-boyfriend-moves-one-inch-to-the-right-I-will-topple-over shoes.
Actually I'm starting to teach hour-long english conversation classes. It's a nice way to meet people and will pay for my extensive Spanish cuisine "research."

Tomorrow I'm leaving on a bus
for Granada. If I like it I will start looking for cheap apartments there as a base for my travels. I want to speak only in Spanish and enjoy my time here as an experience and not a vacation. It is difficult not to stay with my wonderful friends and run around Spanish cities without a care in the world...but I've got ants in my pants. Nervous but excited.

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